Side Gig Nation [Podcast]

Side Gigs for Doctors Podcast

Dr. Kristina McAteer sits down with Katherine Vessenes to discuss side gigs. Side gigs are short-term independent employment options, and can be a variety of things for doctors. Here are a few examples:

  • Locum work/moonlighting

  • Telemedicine

  • Author a book

  • Create a medical smartphone application

  • Medical Consulting

  • Forensics

  • CME content writer/teacher

  • Online education for MCAT prep courses

  • Medical directorships at nursing homes or medical spas

  • Speeches

  • Health and wellness blogging

  • Disability Insurance Reviews

  • Health Insurance Reviews

  • Urgent care shifts

  • Expert witness

Now, how much do you charge for this side gig? What are you worth per hour? What obligations can you outsource? Spend and earn your time and money wisely, with helpful tips from our latest podcast.

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