Medical Dental Financial is a team of retainer-based financial consultants who provide concierge financial planning for physicians and dentists. We patterned our practice after the world-famous Mayo Clinic model. Patients fly into Rochester, MN from all over the globe to get world-class, collaborative, concierge medical care from topnotch physicians. We wanted to provide that same level of financial service and advice to the physicians and dentists who devote their lives to saving lives.

Like the Mayo model we:

  • Have a fiduciary duty to only make financial recommendations that are in our clients’ best interests. We are not obligated to any investment or insurance company and always provide unbiased, ethical advice.

  • Provide a one-stop, collaborated team of financial experts. By bringing together a world-class, coordinated, and experienced financial team, we save you time, money and hassles. This leaves you more time to live your life and take care of your patients.

  • Tailor make a customized, financial plan that will improve your financial health today and in the future. Our advice is meant to help simplify your financial life, reduce taxes, and help you build your wealth and protect it.

  • Have an extraordinarily high rate of clients that refer their colleagues. Over 90% of our new clients come from referrals. We’re honored and think this is the best vote of confidence!

  • Specialize in reducing taxes both now and in the future. Minimizing your taxes today and in retirement could have a larger impact on your financial future than any market gains. Remember it is not how much you make, it is how much you keep.

In short, we are the busy doctors’ team of concierge, financial advisors dedicated to helping you plan, protect and prosper.